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Amerjuneidi for Food Industries Pvt Ltd (AJFI) was established in 2016 in Bangalore to introduce vegetarian Middle Eastern cuisine to the Indian market. AJFI is the mother company of Habibi Falafel.

The company name reflects the founder, Mr. Amer Aljuneidi, a Palestinian national whose family has deep roots in the food industry across the Middle East and worldwide.

Our Products

We specialize in the following authentic, Middle Eastern food products


Our mission is to bring authentic, affordable, healthy, and fresh Middle Eastern food products to the Indian market. We manufacture a wide range of pure vegetarian fine food products at our 30,000 sq. ft. factory HQs in South Bangalore.

Why India?

Middle Eastern cuisine has been spreading exponentially all over the world, especially in the past 15 years, and it’s time for India to be included in this global expansion. We truly believe that all Indians will love the tastes of the Levant*.

*The Levant refers to the region that includes present-day Syria, Lebanon, Jordan, Israel, Palestine, and most of Turkey.

Habibi Falafel

Our Restaurant Brand

Habibi Falafel is a quick-serve restaurant (QSR) chain founded in 2018 in Bangalore, India. The restaurants serve authentic Levantine cuisine that is 100% vegetarian.

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